Pine River, Michigan

June 8,9,10 2005


Day 5


Pine River Part 1

Total 10 miles


                    Up at 6:15 a.m. thanks to Jeffís generator. Really quite Honda engine but sounded loud in the middle of nowhere. After breakfast burritos cooked up by Linda we shuttled up to Six Mile Road or Meadow Brook as the locals call it.


                    The river has many twist and turns and the current is about the same as the Pigeon. However the Pine at the upper end doesnít have the obstacles to maneuver around so we made very good time, covering 10 miles in 2 hours 45 minutes, arriving back at the campground around 11:45a.m.

Between the 4 canoes we saw 12 deer, muskrat, merganser and kingfishers. The last 6 miles had private property signs plastered all over the place and big fancy houses lined the shore. Come to find out there is a group of property owners that formed a club. And they do not like people on their land.


                     Since we were back at camp we all cooked our separate lunches. Paul K. and Tony cooked the supper they didnít use the night we ate at Burger King. It was HOT with lots of sun and temps around 90í. After eating Jock fell asleep in a chair and everyone else just chilled. Tony wanted to canoe some more so around 2:45 Tony and Jeff canoed from camp downstream 6 more miles. Jock and Debbie took a hike on the Silver Creek trail while Paul and Paul drove 40 miles trying to buy a daily parking permit for the shuttle vehicle for day 6. Paul W. cooked up some chili in the evening for everyone and again we sat around a campfire sharing good conversation with great company.

Group Picture


Day 6

Pine River Part 2

Total 18.5 miles

Max Speed Ė 8.2 mph, Ave Speed Ė 3.4 mph

Moving Time Ė 4 Hr 36 Min

                          Special Rules of the river, according to us!! "Draw first then scream", "Damn It Draw", "Shut up and Paddle", "Watch the xxxxing River", "Kiss My Axx if your Good Enough", "They Name Streets after You, One Way". "Draw xxxxing Draw".

  Tony was up before 6:00 a.m. and was hiking the trails as everyone else emerged from their sleeping areas. Linda cooked a Lumberjack breakfast on the great griddle for everyone. There was sausage, bacon, eggs, pancakes with syrup and orange juice. What better way to start a day, thank you Linda and Jeff!! We started canoeing from the campground, covering the same 6 miles Jeff and Tony paddled the day before, plus an additional 12 Ĺ just for good measure. Had a pickup scheduled for 5 Ĺ hours (2:00p.m.). We had to make up some time half way thru the trip just to stay on schedule. Itís was another very hot day with little wind, but a nice leisurely trip canoeing on the semi-shaded cool water of the Pine. After rounding one bend in the river, we heard a motor and saw a nice house along the shore. A man was using a leaf blower and he looked just like Willie Nelson. Close to the Jefferson Road Bridge the rapids picked up and made for a nice finish to the day. Off the river we stopped at a roadside convenience store for beer, ice, souvenirs, and ice cream. On our way back to camp, we heard this real loud bang. Thinking Jocks car blew a tire we pulled off to the side of the road. Tires were ok but the car was sitting mighty low. The air shocks blew out. Could it have been all the rough, dirt roads weíve been on? Later at camp Tony took a bath in the river, Jeff and Paul K. took a hike and everybody else just chatted and relaxed. Jeff and Linda had chicken and baked potatoes to cook for all of us for supper. Oh roughing it is so nice.


                    The biggest waste of money on this trip was the fishing license. You canít fish out of a canoe thatís traveling 3 miles per hour, out of control. And thatís what happens when you let go of your paddle to fish. But today we did see a fisherman with a beautiful brown trout in his creel. So the fish are here and are staying here. We kind of quit fishing for the canoeing.


Day 7

Pine River Part 3

Total 8.76 miles

Max Speed - 8.9mph Average Speed - 5mph

Moving Time-1 hour and 47 minutes


Up early and packed up camp. Said our good-byes to our wonderful hosts and fellow OHCRA members Jeff and Linda and the dogs, Sal and Surge, who had to leave for home. The rest of us headed to Peterson Bridge Canoe Access for the last leg of our weekly journey. Unloaded canoes so Paul W. and Jock could shuttle vehicles. While Deb, Paul K., and Tony were waiting about eight older ladies arrived with kayaks. They were a neat bunch and happy. After what seemed like forever Paul and Jock showed back up, along with customers from a local canoe livery and the rest of the ladies the shuttled their vehicles. Our three canoes hurried to the water to beat the crowd, and with the way OHCRA members paddle, we didnít see anyone after launching, except two people fishing. The river was quick and the rapids approached class one or slightly higher which helped us fly the 8.76 miles to the end of our canoeing trip. Saw deer, muskrat, mink, ducks, and geese with goslings. Threw the canoes on the trailer and started towards home. Stopped at Jimís Army Surplus and Jays in Clare Michigan. On the drive up and back you can see where the trees change from Hardwoods to the Northern Trees. We donít get to see birch trees along the riverís we canoe here in Ohio.



Great weather if not a little on the hot side at night for so early in June. Bugs really were not bad. Fishing and canoeing sometimes just isnít compatible. And, canoeing with people who like to canoe makes for some great trips. Until the next one...

Keep your head out of the bushes!!


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