Paint-Rocky Fork Creeks
August 10, 11, 12, 2007



Great Seal Sign

The August outing was scheduled for the Paint Creek-Rocky Fork Creek area, but with the drought conditions Ohio is having this year, the waters levels were so low that two members didn't even bring a canoe with them.

The Great Seal State Park, outside of Chillicothe was the camping spot for this month. Jock was the first to arrive, followed closely by Tony, who did not even have a canoe, and his wife Alice. Harold and Laurie were next to set up camp, trailed by Ted and Connie, who also did not transport a canoe and bringing up the rear was Paul K. Great Seal is a small state park with only fifteen camp sites. Only one other site was occupied Friday night and Saturday we had the campground to ourselves. And it is a pretty park with Mt Logan as a backdrop.


It was a very hot weekend and any movement caused us to break out in sweat. While playing cornhole someone was commenting about having old man's boob sweat. But even the younger ones had it, so there!

We were scheduled to see the outdoor drama Tecumseh on Friday at 8:00 and after everyone got settled in it was already 6:30. Not wanting to cook in that heat, we all headed down the street to a Mexican restaurant that some members ate in during the last Across Ohio Trip in 2003. After getting stuffed, off we went to the play. An excellent performance with lots of action, guns firing and of course the sad ending. We went back to camp and sat around a traditional Jock campfire, fed with oak slats.


Saturday morning was still really warm and that was before the sun came up. Everyone had breakfast and morning drinks all the while knowing that we would not canoe. The left-right-center game came out and even Paul played which doesn't happen often. And on top of that, he was winning. Laurie had researched the Ross County Fair that was less then 7 miles from us, so later we all went to the fair. As county fairs go, the Ross Fair was an excellent way to spend a very hot afternoon. Lots to see and take in and when we finally got to the commercial building, we acquired lots of free goodies. We left the fair and headed back to camp for refreshments, except Tony and Alice who went geocaching for a while. After they arrived back and settled in, we started cornhole games. It was so hot and since everyone had a bite to eat at the fair, the potluck was set back an hour. Actually we just kind of grazed on finger food. But when it was time for the main meal there were bratwursts, deer burgers, southwest beans and corn on the cob that Jock soaked in water then threw in the hot coals. Way good!! After dark we again sat around the campfire and relaxed, enjoying our "private" campground.

Sunday again promised to be hot but this was a special Sunday as it was Laurie's birthday. She received a Lodge, eight inch, shallow dutch oven, and we can't wait to see what kind of goodies she will bring next month. After breakfast and small talk, the tents were struck and everyone slowly drifted home. On the hill was the sight of the last two families to leave, and there was Harold and Tony, playing cornhole...

OHCRA-Cornhole Sign

Even without putting a canoe in the water we had a wonderful weekend, with great company and good food and the Tecumseh drama.

There was some not so serious talk about changing the clubs name to include the words cornhole and maybe food or eating. Join us next month and give us your ideas and hopefully those canoes will make it in the water.

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