White Mans Fire
July 19, 20, 21, 2008



The Fire

Paul Woods, Paul Kerlin and Judy were the only OHCRA members to make the drive to Jocks house Friday night. Paul brought his tandem canoe and he and Judy made a moon light paddle on Logan Lake. Since they canoed and no one else was there, there was no Friday night fire. The weather was hot, hot and hot. It didn't even cool down much at night.

Saturday afternoon Harold, Laurie, Tony and Alice drove in and set up camp. Harold and Tony played cornhole, but the 90-degree heat coupled with the high humidity made life miserable, especially for Tony who lost all but one game.

Food Table

Jock lit the massive pile of wood around 4 and the food started gathering on the tables around 6. The family and friends all grabbed plates and dug in. There was all kinds of food and Jock had hot dogs and brats and 15 foot long sticks to cook them with. Even at that length it was still hot around the fire.

OHCRA members Jim and Jody were there and after eating we sat and chatted until dark. Paul and Judy took another moon light paddle with the full moon while the others played games. Harold tried to be a hero and kill a wasp in the port a pot, but it wasn't going down without a fight. Harold got stung on the index figure and his whole hand swelled up.

Sunday morning was again hot and everyone hit the road early and called it a weekend. Thanks to Jock for another yearly White Mans Fire.


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