Winter Outing 2008
January 18, 19, 20, 2008




For 2008 OHCRA decided to bring back the once familiar "Winter Outing". This year, and perhaps as an annual event, OCHRA participated in the Hocking Hills 43rd Annual Winter Hike. This is a 3-6 mile hike through the beautiful cave areas of Hocking Hills, near Logan, Ohio.

On Friday, Ted and Connie reached the reserved cabin at about 1905 (7:05 p.m.). It was only about a 2 1/2 hour drive from Cincinnati. Inside the cabin they found a note from Jock. They had left about 1900 to go to dinner. Missed them by "that much" (a Get Smart quote, for you young folks).

Shortly Judy arrived, and then later Jock, Debbie and Paul Kerlin returned, making 6 brave souls for the hike. Later we called Harold and Laurie and tried to goad them into coming. That was a maybe. Tony was in sunny Florida, but we called him and harassed him anyway.

The cabin had 4 bedrooms that have a set of bunks and a single bed in each room. There were 2 full baths and a combined living room, kitchen and dining room. There was a fire place with remnants of a fire. Hey Jock you said you would have a fire going. Well I guess you had one but it wouldn't stay lit, and you got to hungry to fool with it. Ted tried, but there was no kindling and he too had no success. Never fear though, upon Jock's return he gathered twigs and soon we had a warm fire, which really helped because it was cold. The bedrooms down stairs were much colder than upstairs, as Ted and Connie can attest. But with their sleeping bags, heavy jammies, and skull cap, the sleeping was fine. Needless to say the bathroom trips were quick.

Cabin Interior

Friday evening was an eat, drink and be merry event, with discussions of the hike on Sat. Then everyone found a bed about 12:00 midnight. Jock and Debbie were to return (yeah they went home to their cozy beds), about 0800, Sat morning. Paul being an early riser had everyone up about 0600. We got to the "put-in" for the hike and there was a good line. They didn't let people start on the hike until about 0850. The weather was very cold, probably in the low 20's, but we were all prepared and dressed well. To well actually, most everyone got hot and perspired, before the half way point of the hike (3 miles, 2 1/2 hours).

The hike was beautiful as waterfalls were running. There should be some good pictures. As everyone knows how Jock paddles, so does he walk, "peddle-to-the-metal". With his long legs and having hiked probably every trail in Hocking Hills, made it a tough effort to keep up, at least for us old folk with bad knees (Old man Ted). Hey Jock's older! Yeah, but he is in much better physical condition. So, Ted opted to stop at the half way point, where they served great beans and cornbread. Connie was not feeling the greatest (may have been a couple to many beers the night before) and she opted to quit with Ted. Jock, Debbie, Judy and Paul continued the 3 more miles to the end of the hike. Ted and Connie went back to the cabin, got a good fire going and started warming up dinner (chili and chili). The others returned soon, and before dinner Harold and Laurie showed up. We now are 8. Good turn out.

We all ate our fill of chili and Debbie had prepared a great chicken and rice dish. We then had more great homemade wine, from Jock and Debbie's friend, played a little LRC, and enjoyed our friends. Between lunch and dinner, Jock, Judy and Paul made another roughly 3 mile hike. Man they're crazy! But in good shape. Since it was close to Mr. Harold Scobie's birthday, Debbie had baked a cake. We added a couple candles and sang happy "60th" to Harold. Later, unlike any OHCRA outing you've ever been to, the women went nuts! Debbie starting demonstrating her skin care products, and soon all the women had cream on there hands, lips, feet and some kind of patches over their eyes. It was awful! There are pictures to prove it! Guys, next time they start stuff like this, we're getting a good poker game going, have a farting competition or something, and they can play with their cosmetics. YUCK! Although, the ladies did have that feminine glow about them after the treatment (+ point).

Mexican Donkey

Apparently, all this relaxed people (along with the hike) and everyone turned in by 2200 or so.

Hey Tony, guess who we met this weekend? Donkey's Mexican Seeester! Check out the photos! She says to tell you that Donkey is fine and on a great adventure, not to worry about him, and he hopes to see you this summer. Oh, and that he feels a little different. Donkey's Seeester is very friendly!

Sunday was not quite as early to rise. After everyone had breakfast, we sat and discussed upcoming events (Michigan, Canoecopia, etc) then everyone (except Ted and Connie) went on another 3 mile hike. This time they are "crazy". It was 9 degrees and a good brisk wind. That makes about 12 mile for the weekend. More power to them!

A little bit of OHCRA business was conducted. It was unanimously agreed to not reimburse the club for the cost of the cabin (~$265). OHCRA should use the treasury funds for such outings. And, there was some discussion that we make this an annual outing, funded by the club. We will discuss this more at other outings and the annual planning meeting.

Hope to see everyone in Michigan and at Canoecopia, or the first canoe trip on the Little Auglaize in March!


****Just Shut-Up and Portage, I Hear Banjo Music****

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