Overboard Skills Session
August 9, 2009



Getting Ready to Capsize

The Overboard Skills Session went well. The session began at 1:00 and the temperatures were perfect for being in the water. There was a southwest wind, which continued to blow us away from the shore, although the water was relatively flat and calm. Many people were swimming in the foreground along the shore in the beach area, with several powerboats anchored in the background filling up the beach area.

Estimates are that we had 15 people who came to specifically watch the demo, five persons who actually got into the water to practice after the demo, scores of folks watching from their boats plus the four demonstrators (Judy, Rick P, Paul and Tim) who represented OHCRA. All total, safe to say 40 folks viewed the demo. The attendees tried their skills in their respective boats. The wind was a factor that continued to blow everyone away from the shoreline. This made it difficult for people along the shore to get a good look at what was happening. Bill Graves was on shore with a microphone. He gave the audience information on what we were doing in the water.

Paddling a Swamped Canoe

Tim and Judy began the demonstration with a tandem reentry into a canoe. They then paddled a swamped canoe. Next they demonstrated canoe over canoe with help from Paul. Paul then demonstrated a single reentry and then paddled his canoe swamped. The final rescue was canoe to canoe.

Once the demonstration was finished with the canoes, the kayaks were next. Rick P. first demonstrated a wet exit. He then demonstrated a self-reentry. Next was an Eskimo rescue, followed by a Kayak over Kayak rescue. There also was a Kayak to Kayak rescue demonstrated.

Brad and Rick J. watched from their kayaks, in the water. They had a very good view of the skills session. Both were able to reenter their kayaks.

Tim worked with Rick B., his daughter Aubrey and another boy, on their canoeing skills. (Yes folks, there were three Ricks on the water.)

OHCRA brochures were handed out to the attendees and the instruction portion was over sometime after 2:30. The attendees hung around for a bit, then they loaded their kayaks and departed. Tim swam for a while. Rick P., Paul and Judy went back out on the water with their boats and practiced more skills . Then after a while they all swapped boats. It was good to try another boat and to see the different responses from each boat. Everyone then gathered their boats and left the beach close to 4:30.


Members present felt it was a good session as well as learning a few things. A little practice always makes you feel more confident with your boat and skills.

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