Cuyahoga River
July 16, 17, 18, 2010




The outing of the 16th - 18th started on Thursday the 15th. Tom arrived at Camp Hi Canoe Livery and was heartily welcomed to pitch his tent that evening. It was a warm and very quiet night by the Cuyahoga River.

Friday morning, after a storm cleared, Tom went up to La Due reservoir to try catching some walleye, but the white perch were very well trained at hooking themselves on walleye lures trailing behind a canoe.

Laurie and Harold arrived about 3:30 PM, then Ted and Connie a couple of hours later. Paul brought his canoe trailer and Lance followed shortly thereafter. As expected, Wil came in after dark. He brought a small stuffed parrot to spice up the evening. This foul fowl issued various colorful anecdotes that had everyone laughing nearly to tears.

Everyone roasted hot dogs, engaged in a rousing game of bocce ball, and discussed other planned outings for the season while enjoying a few summer beverages.

As the evening cooled off the campfire was appreciated. A hot weekend was in store with high humidity and a projected temperature somewhere on either side of 90.

Saturday morning held promise of a great day for paddling. Nearly chomping at the bit to get going, the members waited till 9 A M to see if anyone else might arrive. Their put-in was at Russell's Landing (Eldon Russell Park) and Jock would have been proud of them for being on the water by 9:30.

They were glad to have made an early start because not long after the put-in, they began to observe livery rental boats on the water.


Harold told of how the city of Akron had bought the land around the river nearly a hundred years ago and in so doing was able to prevent development. It is a major part of the city water supply; pretty good foresight on their part. Comments were made that the river was very much like paddling in the Boundary Waters. Everyone was impressed with the natural state of the river and the surrounding area. It was quite a tranquil setting for being near to some large metropolitan areas.

They had a relaxing lunch along the river at route 422 (note the photo shows no kkkayaks) where some of the party took a nooner nap.

Pushing off again they noted a full trailer load of rentals boats entering the water but once past them they were again enjoying the sights, sounds and smells without interruption.

In a few places they had to paddle against the wind but when they got to Hiram Rapids (about a mile from the take-out) the pace picked up pretty well. The remainder of this leg was uneventful with most of the party running the chute at the low head dam prior to take out. There were no spills this date but a lot of sweat was felt by everyone.

This upper section is characterized by a wide swampy flood plane with very few places to stretch your legs on solid ground.

Saturday afternoon was spent mostly under the picnic shelter while they made short work of some of Leinenkugel's Summer Shanty. Shortly afterward a siesta was found to be in order.


Once the sun was low enough they again engaged in a series of Bocce games that were followed by a potluck feast of summer picnic food. Whilst they were preparing dinner George and Marilyn arrived and they entertained everyone with canoeing stories until long after the meal was complete.

Tom had other plans for Sunday so had to pack up and say good by till next time.

Saturday evening was so warm they dispensed with a fire and enjoyed the night air with illumination by two mini Tiki torches provided by Wil. Mostly they sat around in their lawn chairs and told more tales of low and high adventure (no lies were told this PM).

Sunday dawned with the promise of more heat. They steeled them selves to that thought and then consumed a breakfast of diced potatoes, ham, peppers, onions and scrambled eggs prepared in the "Big Daddy" skillet with biscuits baked in a dutch oven.

The paddle on Sunday was from Camp Hi to the village park at Mantua. This lower section is not as broad as the upper and thus with more current the travel speed was a bit faster. Again they spent a pleasant morning on the river and proceeded to take-out before the heat of the day arrived.

The Saturday paddle was 10 miles and Sunday they logged another 5 or 6. As usual on the Cuyahoga, a good time was had by all.

Big daddy skillet

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