Little Miami River
October 15, 16, 17, 2010



Falling Leaves

The October OHCRA outing was on the beautiful Little Miami River and as is tradition; we camped at Morgan's Canoe and Campground. Their located just downstream from Fort Ancient. The leaves were in their prime and the whole Fort Ancient Gorge was awashed in their splendor.

Members started arriving on Thursday evening starting with Tony and Alice, who were vacation camping in Warren County, with their teardrop camper. Not long after they sat up camp, in drives Lance. While he was setting up in pulls Harold and Laurie. The five got a fire going as the evening air was cooling way down and with adult beverages in hand they laughed the night away.


Awaking to low 30 temperatures, the fire was rekindled and Harold pre heated the Big Daddy Skillet. Potatoes O'Brian and biscuits warmed the campers as the sun cleared the ridges. It promised to be a nice day. Lance had plans to look at a trailer north of the area while the other four drove to Indiana to a Casino just west of Cincinnati. Ted and Connie only lives a mile from the Casino and met up with them later at a local Mexican restaurant. The six folks had some of the best Mexican food ever. Heading back to the campground took them close to Bass Pro and like a magnet the store pulled them in. After buying some fleece, fingerless gloves, they soon arrived at camp finding Brad and Tom, who both had their stakes claimed and filled, tent wise.

Ted and Connie got their tent and gear situated then joined the others at another welcoming fire. Jock and Debbie graced the group with their presence and everyone formed a circle of chairs around the heat. A community supper of hot dogs and beans were enjoyed then more wood was thrown into the flames to keep the chilly air at bay. As some were retiring for the night, in drives Paul and Judy. There were thirteen OHCRA members braving the October air and enjoying every minute of it.

Saturday morning was again chilly and ole Jock sure looked funny wearing heavy socks on his hands. He forgot his mittens, that silly kitten. After breakfast everyone milled around while the sun peaked over the ridge. One of the goals for this outing was to attend the Ohio Renaissance Festival in Harveysburg. The original paddling trip was to be thirteen miles from the village of Corwin, downstream to camp. Since the Renaissance Festival was only open until six pm, they decided to only paddle six miles, from camp down to Morgan's takeout at Stubbs Mills Road. Soon the shuttle was set and the canoers and kkkayakers shoveled off. It was now a sunny and much warmer day and the paddling muscles felt great to be in action again. A very nice relaxing trip was had and seeing an eagle really perked up the paddlers.

Sock Gloves

Arriving back at camp around two gave most time to clean up and change clothes then head to the festival. There were many, many people also enjoying the festive day so it was quite a walk from the vehicles to the front castle gate. Once inside everyone looked around and saw some really weirdly dressed people. It looked like Halloween in there. Instantly they were transported back to medieval times. There wasn't a club potluck planned for this trip. Eating at the festival was supper and everyone went their own ways to find food and drink. There was also a full armor jousting competition which drew a huge crowd. And a human chess match and, well just too much to see. Lots of vendors were pushing their wares and it wasn't long before the pocketbooks had to be closed.

They headed back to Morgan's knowing that Wil and Gloria were coming down to visit for the evening. Snacks came out as the fire again roared. Wil and Gloria spent time visiting as did Ted and Connie's friends Tammy and Leroy. In the darkness we could hear people screaming as Morgan's was having their first annual Spooktacular Haunted River. The club couldn't use the campsites they normally use do to that area being transformed into a haunted raft ride. But the sites they did have were very large and nice. The evening eventually came to an end and off to dream land everyone went.

Paddle or Die Sign

Sunday morning was warmer than the last two and Ted and Connie treated the hungry campers to pancakes and sausage. As the sun again topped the ridge talk turned to canoeing. Tony and Alice had to head for home while Lance went bicycle riding. Ted shuttled the other interested members upstream for a ten mile paddle back to camp. The leaves were at peak and the weather was great for that late in the year. The last OHCRA outing of the year was a great success. Next month is the annual planning meeting where the club will choose next years trips. Check back and hopefully you will see a trip that YOU would like to join us on.

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