Non Snow Tubing at Ted & Connie's
February 19, 20, 21, 2010



Olympic Canoe

Everyone met at the home of Ted and Connie and since both our hosts had to work that Friday, 4-5 o'clock was the set meeting time. Jock and Deb were the first to arrive after sight seeing their way from Logan to the Cincinnati area. Harold and Laurie, driving a replacement rental car since Laurie's was in the shop, stopped and picked up Tony on their way down, pulling in around 7:15. After getting unloaded and situated, the seven folks went downtown Greendale, IN to a Buffalos Tex Mex restaurant for supper. While there, they saw Frankenstein's Bride or so the waitress looked but the food was really good.

Back at the house they watched the Olympic opening ceremonies, had drinks and played Nintendo Wii. There was cornhole, bowling, skeetball and many more games. What is Wii? Here's a clip from the company: "The ease of use and interactivity of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk allows for a unique social gaming experience for the whole family. You don't just play Wii, you experience it." And experience it they did as bedtime for most wasn't until 1:30am.

Ted's Canoes

Ted has collected miniature canoes and other canoeing related items from all over the world and seeing his collection is a sight indeed. Check out some of the photos which don't even come close to showing everything in the house.

People started moving around 8:00 Saturday morning and our hosts treated us to breakfast pizza, then more Wii bowling. We think Harold is addicted to it. Lance showed up and we are now eight strong. The rental car had a bad tire so Harold and Laurie went to find help with it. Being Saturday all they could do was get the tires rotated which helped some.

Friends of our hosts, Kevin and Pam, came over and everyone played Wii Trivia. They played for most of the afternoon and just laughed and laughed. There is also a pool table in the basement and Jock isn't too bad of player. Must have been all those years of practice. Around three they got ready to go tubing. Pam's daughter works at the Perfect North Slope Ski Area and she informed everyone that it was very, very busy. The temperature was in the mid twenties and with the sun shining for the first time in days, everyone must have wanted to go skiing and tubing. We decided to not fight the crowds and went to the Hollywood Casino instead. An hour and a half later we left, a little lighter in pockets, all except Connie. Jock and Deb went to a museum in downtown Cincinnati earlier in the day and filled their heads with knowledge. And saved money.


Back at our weekend getaway, the monthly OHCRA potluck was started. The theme was soup and four big pots of soup were served. There was bean soup, potato soup, broccoli-cheese soup and corn chowder soup that Lance doctored up with bacon, sausage and good spices. There were also hot dogs, a vegetable tray, chips and Debs peach pie. After stuffing our bellies we settled into watching the Olympics. Harold, Ted and Tony played poker and later still; more Wii was played, until two in the morning. It was just a wonderfully relaxing weekend.

Sunday morning the men cooked a breakfast of pancakes, sausage, bacon and OJ. Then the men played more poker with Tony disappointing the losers. A few more Wii bowling games were also played until around one when everyone headed for home. For once Ted and Connie did not have to drive half way across the state for an OHCRA outing.

The weekend was indeed fun and it was just a bunch of adults acting like kids. Next month the waters of Ohio should be in the liquid state again. As we start another season of paddling the rivers and streams of Ohio, let's be thankful for the friendships we have created with other like minded folks who enjoy the thrills of paddling. Hope to see everyone on the Huron River. Love ya bye!!

Paddling Wii

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