Paddlefest 2010
June 26, 2010
By Larry



The Put In

Here are several photos taken at Paddlefest. The first is a line of canoes rather early on Friday. Then Sophia is standing next to several boats on the picnic tables theat appeared to be made of cardboard, and plasticized or someting. We never saw them on the water. The pink canoe was for the Breast Cancer awareness ladies.

The put in was crowded, but handled quite well. After we got in, I took a picture of the shore. It was into the sun, and not real clear. The pictrure after we got in showed the quantity of boats after we all put in as quickly as we could. The sail boat was a 'help boat' and was moving very slowly, under power. There were many such boats of various types on the river.

The next is of the pit stop sort of half way, where there were flush toilets, and a way to refill our own water bottles. The next is upstream of the pit stop, and then we hooked up with Tom and took each other's picture. We then were passsed by a racing shell with 4 women rowers. Then you can see the surfboard paddler and the canoe paddler before and after the switch.

The skyline of Cincinnati is next, and the take out is right past the paddlewheeler tied to shore.

We got on the water at 8:28 AM and off at 11:11. With maybe 15 minutes at the pit stop. I think the distance is 8 miles plus or minus.

Sophia and I have attended our last one. Getting the cars shuttled, and the take out was a big problem for us. There was no help, and we had difficullty getting the boat on our van which was at about a 30 degree slope, towards the river.

Cincinnati Skyline

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