Sandusky River
September 17. 18, 19, 2010



Our Camp

Harold, Laurie and Tony arrived at the Wolf Creek Campground, a Sandusky County Park, and were soon met by trip leader Judy. Located on ST RT 53 between Tiffin and Fremont, the primitive campground has pit toilets and a hand pump for water. Good well water. And not another camper was there at that time. (Only one other all weekend) Member Brad wasn't far behind and after the tents were erected they all headed off to lunch. After wings and drinks it was on to the North Coast Bike Trail. Judy and Brad peddled 20 miles while the other 3 folks rode 10 miles. Being on an old railroad bed made for an easy, level ride and the beautiful September day made it all the more enjoyable.

Back at camp an evening fire was kindled. While sitting around, Paul Wood drove in. It was great to see one of the original members and former treasurer of OHCRA. Paul said his 71st birthday was the next day so an invite was offered, and expected, for him to come back and enjoy the potluck. Especially since he only lives a few miles away. The evening turned cool as Paul Kerlin and soon after Lance showed up. Lance roughed it and just slept on the ground in his sleeping bag while the rest retired to their tents for the night.

Paddling on the Sandusky

Saturday promised to be another beautiful September day. After breakfast every one headed to the Fremont Water Treatment Plant. The river was very low due to the lack of rain in the late summer so paddling downstream of the Ballville dam was where the water was. The three canoes and three kkkayaks shoved off downstream for 5.5 miles. The river in that stretch has water due to Sandusky Bay and there wasn't any flow to speak of. So paddle, paddle it was down to the Interstate 80/90 toll road bridge. Lunch was eaten in the shade of the concrete pillars that hold up the massive steel trusses as unsuspecting vehicles past over head.

As the group started upstream against the seemingly non existent current, the wind decided to join the fun. And the power boats were starting to rear there ugly heads, pulling skiers and creating monstrous waves. But the rewards of seeing three eagles, snowy egrets, kingfishers, blue herons and scads of seagulls made the 11 mile round trip well worth it. Back at the vehicles the watercraft were loaded with Brady and Judy going back to the bike trail. Paul K went to pick up his nephew. Lance went back to camp. Harold, Laurie and Tony went to Wal-Mart and bought apple turnovers.


Paul Wood came back and spent the afternoon chatting while Cornhole played off to the side. Paul Kerlin brought his Nephew Joe out to camp with the club and the 14 year old was soon one of campers having fun. The potluck hour tick on and when the cooking dust settled there was pork roast, salmon, French onion soup, mushroom wild rice soup, pasta salad, green beans, baked beans, and deserts. The night before Paul Wood said he liked anything apple so the apple turnovers were brought out and sticks matches were stuck in and lit. Happy Birthday was sung to the 71 year old Paul who blew all four stick candles out in one breath. Christy, a friend of Judy and Paul K came over and spent a few hours being wowed by the campers and she brought a apple dish to share. It worked out great.

As darkness grew Paul Wood went home and soon after he left, in drives Ralph Billows. Another face from OHCRA past and who would have thought that Ralph is on his 80th year? He shared more stories from the earlier years of OHCRA until his poor wife sitting the car let him know it was time to leave. The left-right-center game came out and quarters exchanged hands in the artificial light under the Easy Up. The fire flickered in the background and slowly the evening petered out. There was supposed to be star gazing at the park from the local astronomical club but cloudy skies canceled those plans. So off to the tents every one wandered.

Sunday was overcast and cool but still nice for September. Judy had to leave for other commitments with Brad following soon after. Paul, Lance and Joe went north to Green Creek for a three mile paddle to Sandusky Bay. Harold and Tony played game after game of Cornhole hoping someday to be the best in the world. Laurie was the sole spectator, Judge and Jury. Only one more outing for the year and the club hopes to see everyone there.


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