Whitewater River, Indiana
October 17, 18, 19, 2014



Whitewater River

Steve, Tom and Tony met Ted and Connie at the Acapulco Mexican Restaurant in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, Thursday evening October 16th. After dinner and Big Beers (34 oz) they all headed to Ted and Connie's home. It served as a modern campground complete with flush toilets. Friday morning the 4 guys had breakfast at Howie's Truck Stop on their way to New Trenton, Indiana. An eight mile paddle was had from the Whitewater Canoe Livery - Campground at New Trenton to where Interstate 74 crosses the river. It was very breezy but sunny and with 70 degree temperatures it was a beautiful day to be on a river. The fall colors were fading but still looked great. One deer and one red fox were the only major wildlife seen for the 2 hours they paddled. Off the water they drove up to Brookville, In where Whitewater canoe livery has another location.

Camping was in the same area as last year and OHCRA had the use of the large shelter house, which was soon wrapped in tarps. The gusty winds and the forecast of cooler temperatures were kept at bay with the 80 feet of plastic tarp wrapping around the south and west sides. A campfire was again located in the shelter house. Steve and Tom stayed in camp while Ted and Tony met Connie, who drove up separately, at the local VFW for their Friday Fish Fry. As darkness descended Liz and Coleen arrived followed later by Harold and Laurie. Everyone enjoyed the community campfire until late in the evening. Someone stayed out too long as Tony slept in his chair not knowing that he was being used as a trash can.

Shelter House Camp

The stars disappeared throughout the night with Saturday morning being very overcast but still. At 6:13 am it sprinkled for all of 30 seconds but did not rain again until 4 pm, when all that fell was another light sprinkle for maybe an hour. After individual breakfasts a shuttle vehicle was taken to yesterday's put in. Launching from camp at 10 o'clock they headed downstream for an 11 mile trip. Water levels were good and with little to no wind, the 50-52 degree air felt fine. Lots of animals were out including turtles, kingfishers, blue herons, squirrels, an eagle and 2 or 3 ospreys. One osprey was even seen plucking a fish from the river. The group averaged 4 MPH and finished the 11 miles in three hours, including a lunch stop. Along the river there are mileage markers. Yellow signs every half mile attached to trees higher than a person could reach. Although some are missing it appears that someone or some organization spent lots of time letting canoers know how far they had paddled in years past.

Whitewater River and Colored Leaves

Back at camp Steve heated chili soup for all while discussions were had on what to do next. Steve and the ladies went to Metamora, a historic tourist trap based on canal and railroad days. Lots of little shops to spend money on dotted the little square village. Tom had commitments and headed for home and Harold, Ted and Tony went geocaching. The Metamora folks dropped them off at the Yellowbank Trail where four geocaches were hid. They did find them all but the trail in the direction they went was only 1/2 mile long. It ended and they still had 1.5 miles to hike back to camp. Bushwhacking was the only way through. When they finally made it back to camp, the others were already there. Ted says he is not following Tony anymore, something Harold echoed. The monthly potluck was delayed since Tony was late getting back from the hike and the meatloaf he was cooking in a Dutch oven wasn't ready until 6:45. Going along with meatloaf was chili, vegetable soup, corn bread, red beans and rice, cupcakes and chestnuts. Some roasted some not. OHCRA sure is an eating machine and there are some great cooks in the mix. After the potluck and since Steve bought more than enough wood for the weekend, the campfire was blazing. The coals were so hot that chairs were constantly repositioned so as to not catch fire. Card games commenced and quarters were shuffled from one to another.

The low for Saturday night was forecast to be 33 but Sunday morning dawn cloudy and 45 degrees. Not too bad for mid-October. Ted and Connie cooked pancakes and sausage for the group who sat around another rekindled fire and relaxed in the morning fall air. Coleen, Liz, Steve and Tony decided to canoe 6 miles downstream to Whiteswaters take out. It turned out to be a great paddle and since their vehicles were at the take out, they just left for home from there. Harold, Laurie, Ted and Connie let their gear dry some before packing up and ending the 2014 Whitewater outing.

Another great year of canoeing the rivers and streams of Ohio and surrounding state rivers came to a close. Soon the club will meet and plan trips for next year continuing the cycle that has endured for 32 years. Long live OHCRA and may we see you all "Around the Bend"!!!

Whitewater Sign

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