Little Miami River
Oct 16, 17, 18, 2015



Miami River from Camp

Friday around noon trip leader's Ted and Connie arrived at Morgan's Canoe Livery/Campground near Morrow, Ohio and sat up their instant tent. Tony pulled in soon after and set up a Baker's Tent. Member Ruth, who we have not seen since last year, drove in pulling a pop up camper. Wil and Gloria came next after being stuck in traffic and also sat up an instant tent. It was forecasted as being an unseasonably cold weekend with lows at 30 and highs in the mid 50's. The 6 OHCRA folks went for lunch in Morrow at the Sugar Run Grill, a great food spot. After lunch they drove over to Culberson (Dean A.) Woods State Nature Preserve. A short walk later and it was back to camp where Jock came out to play. Friday was beautiful with temperatures in the 60's and the leaves were just starting to change. Coleen came in and Wil's son Andy, wife Annie and son AJ also arrived. Harold and Laurie made 14 folks added to camp for the evening.

Everyone was hungry so off to the Sugar Run Grill one more time. No one wants to cook on Friday evening anymore. Sugar Run did have a real nice 3 piece band that sounded great. Getting back to camp Paul K showed his face making for 15 people sleeping in the now cold weather. The campfire did feel good as the air was cooling down. After socializing for a while it was to the sleeping bags.

Dave Poling Canoe

Saturday morning was 33 degrees and no one wanted to leave the comforts of a warm bag, but slowly everyone stirred out to the now rekindled fire. After breakfast it was shuttle time. Steve arrived with his cargo van and canoe trailer which really helped with the shuttle. A local guy named Dave came out to paddle with us and it is always great to have new folks join us.

The women, Gloria, Connie, Laurie and Annie didn't paddle but went shopping. The rest of the group loaded up and headed up to the village of Corwin for a 13 trip back to camp. At 10:18 am the 7 canoes, 2 kkkayaks and 11 people shoved off. The air was cool and clouds covered the sun. The river was low and rocks reached out and tried to grab the boats. Some succeeded, others did not. Total wildlife seen was eagle, osprey, blue heron, ground hog and squirrels. Also saw gliders floating in the air and even a human parachuting. The local airport must have been real busy. Poor Ruth got caught in some rough water and capsized but being river smart, she had dry clothes to change into.

Cooking Food

The 4.5 hour trip ended at camp and refreshments were in store after changing clothes and getting warm. Member Lance dropped by in the late afternoon knowing the potluck would soon start. The potluck theme was soup and there was white chicken chili, Tuscan Kale Soup and Chicken Noodle Soup. Rounding out the feast was lots of other goodies to fuel bodies needing to stay warm. Someone mentioned they were an eating club with a paddling problem. The campfire was stoked and lawn chairs gathered around for an evening of talk and BS. The Ohio State Buckeyes football game was blaring on a radio as the temperatures dropped.

Sunday morning was cold with temps 27 - 30 and frost everywhere. A community breakfast was cooked, eaten and cleaned up as talk of paddling filled the air. Dave, Steve, Coleen and Wil canoed from camp 3 miles downstream to Morrow. Lance and Tony went hiking in the Halls Creek Woods State Nature Preserve, Paul went on a 40 mile bike ride and the rest packed up camp. The Sun was increasing the temperature, promising to be a great fall day. As everyone finished their respective activity they headed for home, ending the 2015 paddling season.

End of Trail

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