Adirondacks, New York
October 2 - 8, 2016



Adirondack Sign

Ten OHCRA members made the trek to upstate New York for a fun time canoeing in the Adirondacks. Members Larry and Sophia arrived a few days before the rest as Sophia is from the area and the couple visit every fall. Sunday 10/2 Liz and Chuck were the first to arrive at Fish Creek Pond Campground finding sites 10, 11, and 12. They were pretty nice sites, more secluded than most others and 12 was a big enough site to hold Ted and Connie, Tony and Alice and the canopy. As Liz and Chuck were getting set up, Harold, Laurie, Ted and Connie all arrived. They had come up together from Cleveland. Everyone spent the rest of the day setting up camp and settling in.

Monday 10-3 - The day was promising rain so they had a leisurely breakfast and explored the campground. Chuck walked up to the trading post for a case of beer to tie him over and after the long hike he needed a beer. Tony, Alice and 3 dogs arrived around 3:00 pm after the rain showers. Parking their teardrop camper in site 12 they were soon sat up and ready to enjoy the festivities with the other folks. They were on vacation throughout the New England states and finally got to stay in one place for more than one day. Drinks were had, a potluck dinner and then a campfire for some good times. Everyone partied, played poker and laughed with each other until bedtime. Fish Creek Pond Campground is huge with around 300 campsites but it was very quiet. Larry and Sophia have given up camping choosing motels for comfort. They would come back and forth to the campground and spend time paddling and visiting.

Tree Colors

Tuesday morning breakfast was biscuits and gravy thanks to Ted and Connie. The meals were split between couples with each couple doing a breakfast and dinner. Lunch was on your own. Ted, Connie and Alice stayed in camp reading and playing with 2 dogs while the other canoe folks and Benny the dog paddled from camp up Fish Creek into Little Square Pond to Floodwood Pond. Everything must have been named by the British as all the lakes are ponds. They stopped at the St. Regis Outfitters outpost to shop, then canoed back the way they came. Ted and Connie showed up at St. Regis but by vehicle. It was a sunny, still, colorful day with the fall foliage really starting to shine. Everyone was back to camp by 2:30 to relax and socialize into the evening.

Wednesday 10-5 they again started paddling from camp and went into Fish Creek Ponds and through a culvert to Follensby Clear Pond. There was a beaver dam across the culvert that had to be cleared before they could get through. Thanks to the heroic efforts of Chuck they were able to clear enough space on one end of the dam to paddle their way through. Tony did some portaging into Horseshoe Pond, Little Polliwog Pond and Polliwog Pond before portaging back into the upper section of Fallsenby and reuniting with the others. They were finishing lunch on an island when he arrived. Everyone paddled back to camp and drove into the Town of Saranac Lake for supper and shopping at St Regis's main outdoor store. Supper was at Downhill Grill a nice bar and grill which is right up their alley. They stopped at a recommended Italian place but they didn't take credit cards and wanted to put everyone on the same check. After food it was back to camp where another great fire was had. Chuck, Alice, the dogs and Tony stayed up late enjoying the evening and getting updates on the Cleveland Indians playoff game.


Thursday 10-6 was not a canoeing day. Connie, Ted, Harold, Laurie, Chuck and Liz headed out in search of fall colors and to take a train ride out of Lake Placid. They had lunch in Lake Placid as well as a very quick tour while waiting for the train and then did a round trip ride. Very interesting facts and info by the train staff on the ride. While waiting for the return trip they checked out the old merry go round in the town square with its various animals (only 1 horse). On the drive up and back to Lake Placid they made several stops at scenic overlooks for pictures of the fall colors. Alice and Tony went to a place called The Wild Center. It was a learning center based on the formation and history of the Adirondack region from the time of the glaciers until the present, showcasing the animal and plant life. Cool place. Supper and was hotdog noodle casserole with biscuits and apples. After supper it was play time with everyone playing the left, right, center game. This was Tony and Alice's last night of real vacation.

Friday 10-7 the group had breakfast of pancakes and sausage then Tony and Alice started packing the camper. They were getting a head start on going home only to be waylaid in Watertown, NY, by someone rear ending the teardrop, putting them behind a day while it was being fixed (no one hurt). Harold, Laurie, Chuck and Liz were the only ones to head out for a paddle that day. They headed out through Fish Creek Pond and into Fish Creek Bay on their way to Upper Saranac Lake. There was a loon trying to swallow a way too big fish but after 15 minutes it got it down. It was a very nice paddle until they reached the lake where it was pretty windy and choppy so they did not go out on the lake but went around the edges of the bay and back into the creek to camp. The evening was spent taking the canopy down as rain was forecast for Saturday morning and enjoying one last campfire to round out the trip.

Saturday morning found Chuck and Liz on the road by 6:00am with the other four not far behind. It was a great trip with great people, beautiful weather and fabulous tree color. The Ohio Historical Canoe Route Association said Bye Bye to the 2016 canoeing season and can not wait until 2017.

The Crew


- Sausage Gravy and Biscuits
- French Toast Breakfast Casserole
- Pancakes and Sausage
- Breakfast Pizza
- Ham and Eggs


- White Chili and Cornbread
- Pulled Pork Sandwiches
- Pasta and Meat Sauce
- Hot Dog Noodle Casserole

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