Mohican River
June 22 - 25, 2016



Grist Mill Campsite

We set up camp at Pine Run, Wolf Creek, Grist Mill with plans to canoe the Mohican River. Liz and Coleen arrived followed by Steve around 2:30 Wed. afternoon. Jamie came next closely followed by Wil and Gloria pulling their Tab camper. Since Alice and Tony's camper wasn't fixed yet, when they arrived they put up Wil's pop up tent. Liz fixed us all pizza over the camp fire. We sat around the camp fire till 10:00 when the storms started. The rocking of their trailer woke Gloria and Wil up. They each thought the other had fallen out of bed. But the real story was a large pine limb had fallen over Wil's truck. Morning was spent with the guys cutting away the branch and checking to see that the damage was minimal.

As a steady rain set in we chose to have our potluck breakfast in the picnic pavilion. As always there was more food than we all could eat. Tony and Alice and Wil and Gloria left after breakfast to attend the National Dutch Oven cooking event held at a nearby campground. The rain continued falling into the afternoon. Steve, Jamie, and Liz spent the afternoon driving Wally road to Greer surveying the next day's river route starting out on the Clear Fork River and merging into the Mohican River. Supper was chicken pot pies that Steve cooked in pie irons over the fire. We finished the evening around the campfire going to bed about 10:00.

Girls Paddling

The next morning we finally got on the river at 10:52 A.M. Yay for the rain, as it raised the water level and made for a pleasant paddle without us having to get out and drag our boats. It was a perfect summer day hot and sunny. We shared the river with many other paddlers in canoes, kayaks, and tubes. One indication of the river's popularity was the number of riverside food and alcohol stops available to river craft. River traffic tapered off on the lower section making for a quieter, more relaxing and scenic finish for our trip. We made it to Greer our take out at 1:20 P.M.

Pontoon Boat

Back at camp we prepared for our evening of supper and boating on Pleasant Hill Lake. We pre-cooked corn and brats; we gathered all our supplies and drinks. We said good-bye to Jamie who was headed home and hello to Chuck who met us dockside at the lake. Soon Charlie Brown arrived with his pontoon boat and we all boarded. We shared a supper of grilled hamburgers and brats and then motored around the lake. Coleen took up Charlie's offer to drive the boat. It was a beautiful last trip on Charlie's boat as he just purchased a new pontoon. In fact, Steve agreed to meet him the next morning to help him bring it home. Steve, Chuck, Liz and Coleen finished the evening around the campfire heading for their tents at midnight.

The next morning Chuck left for work at 7:15 and Steve left to aide Charlie about 8:00. Coleen and Liz cleaned up the campsite and chilled out for the day. Steve returned for lunch and then went to help Mark Smith do yardwork at the Mill. At 5:30 P. M. in the cool of the evening we left to go for a paddle on the Clear Fork. We put in at the Mohican covered bridge. The water level was low and became a challenge to our river reading skills. Steve in his solo canoe sailed through, however Coleen and Liz in their heavier tandem canoe had to get out several times to navigate over rocks and logs. We did see more wild life on this stretch of river; great blue herons, a really close look at a bald eagle, and an otter-type mammal. We made it to our take out at the intersection of 97 and 3 at 6:57. We returned to camp for our final supper and campfire as the next morning we packed up and left.

Fallen Tree

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