Scioto River
April 13 - 22, 2018



The last time the club paddled the Scioto River was back in 2003 on the last "Across Ohio Trip." There was talk about doing a long stretch of it for a few years so trip leader Tony planned a 130 mile outing from the Greenlawn Dam in Columbus, Ohio to the Ohio River at Portsmouth. After weeks of scouting, phone calls and emails Tony finally had a "Camp along the Scioto" trip put together. All food, gear and water would be carried by each individual for the eight-day adventure. The only concern was the height of the river after a very long, cold, snowy winter and heavy rains that flooded the river to 40 year highs just two weeks before.

Friday 4-13-18 the river was still very high. The weekly weather forecast was for temps only in the 40's, more rain and snow. A decision was made to cancel the trip for safety and comfort reasons. The Scioto won this round but watch out for next year!