OHCRA Special Meeting Notes
Meeting Date: October 15, 2020


Subject:  Donation to the Little Miami Conservancy (LMC), a 501 (c) 3 organization

Location:  Picnic Shelter in Morgan's Riverside Camp Ground and Cabins, Morrow Ohio

Action:  At the October 15 meeting, club members met with the LMC Executive Director, Eric Partee, and LMC members Dirk & Laurie Morgan. At the meeting, our president Tony Sands, announced that we would be donating $2,000.00 to the LMC to be earmarked for clearing obstructions and log jams on the Little Miami River. The LMC gladly acknowledged the donation and said that would apply for matching grants from companies such as REI and Patagonia. Subsequently the donation was made by check by our Treasurer, Tom Burger.

Background:  As a group, and individually, we have had a long standing association with Morgan's livery and the Morgan family. Bob and June Morgan, Dirk's parents, were even members of the club years ago. We have rented camp sites many times and found their facilities and conduct to be exemplary. In addition, they have always given us a proprietary selection of sites and prices.

The Little Miami is a National Wild and Scenic River. The Little Miami Conservancy was founded in 1967 and Arthur Morgan (Dirk's Grandfather) was one of the original four members. The LMC is still very strong with 400+ active members. They have many projects, including; acquiring and cleaning river front property, regularly scheduled river cleanups, conducting water quality sampling, and they constantly monitor water oxygen levels at nine locations in the river.

The current owners of the camp ground are Dirk Morgan and his wife Laurie. As noted, they and their family remain very active in the LMC.

On October 8, 2020, via email list group, OHCRA president Tony Sands sent an email to the membership proposing that the club make a donation of $1,000.00 to the LMC. The member's response was unanimously positive and he planned to make the announcement to the LMC at our outing of Oct. 13-18, 2020 at Morgan's Campground.

The outing took place on schedule but with modifications as noted in the trip report. Eleven members of OHCRA were in attendance. On the afternoon of October 15, after a brief polling of the members present and on the internet, we decided to make a donation of $2,000.00 as noted above.

At the meeting, Eric Partee and Dirk and Laurie Morgan expressed their gratitude for the donation and then announced that the LMC would seek matching grants that would multiply the gift.

Most of us are familiar with REI and Patagonia and the idea of matching grants is very positive.

Submitted:  Harold Scobie     October 25, 2020