Algonquin Provincial Park
Backcountry Canoe Trip


September 5th thru September 12th
(this includes a travel day on each end)



Day 1 - Drive to Burk's Falls Ontario Canada. Stay at our house for the night (255 South Service Road Burk's Falls Ontario)

Day 2 - Drive to Entry Point 3, Magnetawan Lake. Paddle thru Hambone (135m, 148yd, 27rods portage) into Ralph Bice Lake (295m, 322yds, 59rods) and find a camp site and set up camp, staying 2 nights.

Day 3 - Do a day trip to explore David Lake (620m, 678yds, 123rods) and Mubwayaka Lake (50m, 54yds, 10rods) returning to camp on Bice for the night.

Day 4 - Pack up and paddle to Little Trout lake (435m, 476yds, 86rods) - find and set up camp for 2 nights. Maybe do a night paddle.

Day 5 - Do a day trip into Queer Lake (175m, 191yds, 35rods). Explore the area. Return to Little Trout for the night.

Day 6 - Pack up and paddle into Ralph Bice (435m, 476yds, 86rods ) and choose a campsite for the night. There is a nice large one on the south shore that would make it an easy paddle back out on the next day.

Day 7 - Paddle back out to Magnetawan Lake (295m & 135m). If we have time, we could paddle down Magnetawan Lake. This is a very pretty lake. Load up and head back to the house in Burk's Falls for the night.

Day 8 - Head back to Ohio.


1.  You will need a passport for this trip. Covid testing and ArriveCan is no longer required.

2.   I need to know by the 1st of April who is going so I can make reservations. You reserve lakes not campgrounds. There is a limit of 9 people per site so if more than 9 of us going we would need two reservations.

3.   If we have large number of people going we may need to double up on tents as many sites will not accommodate more than 3 or 4 tents comfortably.

4.  We should decide ahead on whether we will paddle tandem or solo. Can be either way or both but know that everything has to be carried over portages.

5.  We need to talk supplies as well. Are we all going self sufficient or are we going to group share items so as not to double and triple up on gear that can be shared, such as saws, water filters, cooking equipment, stoves, fuel etc. This stuff all adds up to additional weight that has to be carried over portages. Don't go out and buy all this gear as many of us have enough that can be shared. That is also true of portage packs and dry bags needed to carry gear efficiently. You do not want to take your stuff in lots of little bags that have to be carried dangling from your shoulders. If you all know this already, I apologize but I have been on too many trips where everyone brings everything including the kitchen sink. I have a check list I work off of and there are many on line you can look at.

6.   There will not be cell reception once we head into Magnetawan Lake. There is reception at the house. I have a Spot unit we could use if needed for emergencies.

Liz, Trip Leader