Guidelines for Trip Leaders

  • The trip leader is responsible for the planning, research, organizing, communicating the information and executing the trip. To give members time to plan their involvement and gear requirements for the trip, information should be sent to the webmaster at least one month prior to the outing. The trip leader is expected to notify the group if there are any changes in the published information. Remember, someone will always be driving 3 or 4 hours to get to your trip. So keep in mind that if you were the person driving that far, what would you expect to find when you arrived at the camp site or put in.

  • The following are things the trip leader needs to think of, prepare for and communicate to the group:

  • River:
    Scout the river on the web, on the ground and talk to liveries/other groups
    Canoe Route
    Classification; I, II, III, IV
    Anticipated river conditions, hazards
    Expected time on the river, lunch stop(s)
    Put In and Take Out locations; planned, alternate and emergency
    Shuttle; time, length, trailer, no. of vehicles, cell phones/radios, maps
    Lead Canoe and Sweep Canoe
    Other groups on the river

  • Camp Ground:
    Reservations and Costs
    tent sites - adequate number, drainage, shade
    Drinking water
    Picnic tables
    Saturday night potluck
    Firewood - quarantine on moving wood in Ohio
    Dining Fly/EZ Ups/Shelter House/ Tarp(s)
    Trash - most places do not provide trash cans at each site
    Other groups using the camp ground
    Other group's activities at the camp ground
    Camp Ground Rules: quiet times, use of alcohol etc.
    Emergency phone numbers, camp office, Ranger, Sheriff, etc.
    Restaurants, grocery stores in the area
    Motels in the area
    Directions to the camp Ground
    OHCRA signs showing turning points on the roads

  • The trip leader is expected to be on the water with the group. The trip leader has the final say while on the river.

  • Hold a Pre Launch Meeting and make a list of the number of people and number and type of watercraft

  • Trip leaders will have blank copies of the liability waiver. New members will need to sign before participating.

    Click here for Liability Waviers for Trip Leaders

  • The group operates on the understanding that all participants are essentially self sufficient and self reliant.

  • All participants are expected to arrive at the put in and take out in a timely manner. We will not abandon anyone during the shuttle or on the river. Everyone is responsible to the rest of the group so do not dawdle to the point that we are waiting a long time for you.